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Register For An Event

Following the description of each event below is a link to complete the required registration form. Our general peer to peer support group does not require registration, so there is no link with that entry.  You will be contacted by the event facilitator or host when your registration is approved or when details are available.

Monthly Peer-to-Peer Support Group

Our general support group is open to LGBTQIA+ folks, their family, friends & allies.  We meet the first Monday monthly at 6:30pm in person at 1200 W Walnut in Rogers ( in the “Sisters Room")

 If you are struggling with your gender identity or sexual orientation, if you have a family member or friend who you want to support better, or if you need to connect with encouraging friends who accept you as you are, this is a great meeting for you.

Some language around this location sounds religious. This building historically functioned as a catholic hospital and some of that language persists online and in the room names like “sisters”. The center for nonprofits is not religiously affiliated. PFLAG is welcoming to non-believers & to people of all faiths.

Monthly LGBTQ+ Youth Meet Up


These events typically take place on the second Sunday each month in the afternoons at assorted locations in NWA.


They are open to LGBTQIA+ youth up to age 18 (and still in high school) who want to find a space to build authentic connections with their peers and LGBTQIA+ adult facilitators.  A low key parents support group runs concurrently and gives parents the opportunity to meet other parents of LGBTQIA+ kids in the area in a safe and welcoming space.  


Drop off is fine for older youth if the parents and child are both comfortable with that.  Registration is required.  Location and other details will be released to attendees the morning of the event. This event is always free and all supplies needed to participate are always provided. The event location and all information about it will always remain private.

Monthly Trans & Non Binary Support Group & Discord


Every second Tuesday of the Month, PFLAG of Northwest Arkansas offers a trans and non-binary support group.


Run exclusively by & for trans and non-binary folks, the group allows for trans and non-binary people, and those that think they may be trans, to come together to discuss the challenges and joys of living life in transition.  Attending this support group also gains access to a private, moderated discord server where the conversation and support continues.

Please note: If you are a parent of a trans or non-binary child or adult  seeking support, please join us at our peer-to-peer support group where we have many parents just like you!

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